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Keeping the purpose of the car in mind, we had a few other goals as well.

  1. Has to look good
  2. Has to be fast
  3. Needs to have a long powerband
  4. Responsive so it can still be enjoyed and be taken to the circuit
  5. Reliability is key due to the fact that it needs to drive very long distances to events and back
  6. Car will be used to do development on


With all of this in mind we set off and started plotting our plan and this is what we came up with.

  1. in terms of development we need to start of with a hybrid turbo setup. a Locally upgraded turbo was used with 1000cc port injectors, watermethanol injection, induction, downpipe, mid pipes,intercooler, Ecu and Tcu software. Development was done and the car was performing very impressive with that setup. The limiting factors were identified and we knew were and what the limits were in terms of what the stock engine with our setup can handle.
  2. Our Stage 2 engine build was next. Our piston and rod combo was used with a few other parts in the engine build. The other parts included ARP head stud kit, Uprated valve springs and retainers for high rpm, new timing chain kit (this resolved the noisy engine), new head gasket set, ACL race big end and main bearings. We then used our Hybrid GTX3584RS turbo to ensure we can use the benefit of the engine build. This setup is 750hp capable and can definitely run high 9 sec 1/4 mile times on Ethanol with weight reduction and good tyres.
  3. The final Stage of the Build. Full frame turbo time with a Tial external Wastegate setup. Choosing a turbo for this setup was not hard as we knew what powerband we wanted and what we want to accomplish with the car.


So our final setup.

Turbo, induction and exhaust

  • Garrett GTX3584RS gen 2 Turbo
  • Custom Exhaust manifold
  • Tial External wastegate with a screamer pipe setup
  • Custom 85mm Downpipe
  • Custom 120 -100mm reducing induction

Engine hardware and ignition

  • Apex Piston and Rod combo with ARP 2000 rod bolts
  • ARP 625 Head stud kit
  • Titanium valve springs and retainers rated at 8500rpm
  • NGK racing spark plugs

Fueling and charge system

  • 4 bar map sensors
  • 2200cc port injectors
  • Apex lpfp upgrade
  • JDY Fuel rail
  • Apex Fuel line kit
  • Apex flex fuel kit
  • Apex Billet intake manifold plenum
  • Apex billet intake runners
  • Custom 1000hp intercooler with custom charge pipes
  • Watermethanol injection


  • Apex Stage 4 ECU Software with extra features like
  1. Rolling launch
  2. Flex fuel
  3. Multimap
  • Apex Stage 4 TCU Software


Time to make some changes to the look of the car, get some new tyres and make it go fast !!

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Posted by Dewald

Posted by Dewald

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