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SRM GTX35 Ball bearing Turbo

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SRM GTX35 Ball bearing Turbo

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This ceramic coated dual ball bearing turbo is a 900bhp capable bolt on solution for the Audi 2.5TFSi platform. This Turbo was designed with 2 ideas in mind. Make a lot of power using a bolt on solution and flow as much as possible.

Additional information


Stage 3, Stage 4


8V1, 8V2

Fuel Type

Diesel, Petrol


  1. Custom compressor cover.
  2. GTX3584RS billet dual ball bearing core.
  3. Custom stainless cast turbo manifold.
  4. Tail wastegate actuator.
  5. Oil feed and drain hoses.
  6. Coolant Feed and Drain hoses.
  7. Built in oil restrictor.

We sell this unit excluding any other parts. But we do recommend (we also supply and fit) the following hardware and software upgrades:

  1. Forge Turbo inlet.
  2. Downpipe.
  3. Mid-pipe
  4. 980cc Port injectors with harness.
  5. Stage 3 ECU Software
  6. Stage 3 TCU Software
  7. Intercooler upgrade
  8. Induction setup
  9. Water-meth kit
  10. Stage 1 Forged Engine Build


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