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Water methanol injection installation

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Water methanol injection installation

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Watermeth kit installation.

  • We can put the controller where you would prefer it.
  • Clean and tidy installation.
  • Progressive adjustment setup.
  • Testing after installation.

Additional information

Watermethanol injection kit

How does it work ?

  • Water/methanol injection systems spray an engine’s cylinder charge with a finely atomized mist of a water/methanol combination. As the mixture absorbs heat and vaporizes, temperatures inside the cylinder are lowered, and the likelihood of detonation is lessened.
  • Detonation occurs when a cylinder’s air/fuel charge compresses and warms to the point of auto-ignition during the compression phase before it is lit at the appropriate moment by a spark plug.
  • Modern vehicles with knock sensors are quite effective in preventing detonation by delaying ignition time as soon as detonation is detected, but they do so at the expense of significantly reduced power output and fuel efficiency.

What are the benefits ?

  • There are several advantages of using water/methanol injection. Because the liquid absorbs heat energy from the surrounding air, it effectively lowers the intake temperature.
  • As a result of lower intake temperatures, the cylinders receive more oxygen per unit volume. This contributes to increased horsepower and torque.

We can assist with the following:

  • Supply of the kit.
  • Setup of the kit.
  • Nozzle size recommendation.
  • Installation.
  • Supply of pre mixed watermeth.