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NF Fuel enhancer


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5L NF Fuel enhancer

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NF Performance Fuel Enhancer 5L

NF Fuel Enchancer Additive Enhances Performance Of Vehicles Running High Boost Pressure By Increasing Octane Rating: 5L NF Fuel Enchancer To 20L 95 Unleaded (1:4)
This ratio has been tested to fully support the octane needs for a 102+ octane tune

The Higher Octane Fuel Will Provide More Power To Engines Tuned To High Octane Specs. This Ratio Has A Returning Moderate Octane Boost (98-100 Effective Ron). 5L NF To 25L 95 Unleaded (1:5)

These Figures Are Recommendation and exact vehicle requirements will vary from vehicle to vehicle, dependent on tune, hardware and base fuel quality.
Use at own risk. NF, & its resellers will not be held liable for any damage arising from use or misuse of this product.

5L Bottle
Nozzle Included For Easy Filling.
Race Fuel Additive