Posted April 7, 2024

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Road to 9 sec at altitude on the street.

Since we finished the fabrication and the build itself we started to make some changes to the suspension, drive train, air intake and Weight. We also added some serious traction mods to the car and changed the look of it.

  1. Audi sport light weight wheels wrapped with Hoosier 18′ tyres
  2. Eventuri Headlight air duct to force more cold air into the engine
  3. VW Racing springs for a lower ride height
  4. Black trims with red decal
  5. Our HALDEX MOD for improved traction off the line




This setup was working extremely well and posted one of the quickest times on the street in SA. This got us into the Dragy top 30 quickest cars in SA. We posted a 9.55 sec 1/4 mile time on the street with a DA of almost 2000m. This was on our fuel blend running only 2.2 bar boost.

Stay Tuned as we will be turning it up to high boost soon. Lets see if we can break into the low 9s and into the top 20 quickest cars in SA on Dragy.


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Posted by Dewald

Posted by Dewald

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