Posted April 7, 2024

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Recently we decided that we need a new APEX PREDATOR aka our shop car. We went shopping and decided to go for another VW/Audi platform car. Making the decision on which one proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Knowing the potential of the 5-cyl platform we knew it had to be either a TTRS OR an RS3. After looking around in the market, we finally found an RS3 that needed our love and care. The hatchback look isn’t for everyone but it will grow on you. This is exactly what happened to the APEX team.

When we purchased this car it was completely stock with no modifications done to it what so ever. a Few issues that we picked up right away included the following:

  1. Engine light was on
  2. EPC light was on
  3. ACC was not working
  4. Front grill was damaged
  5. Aircon wasn’t working
  6. Every single wheel was damaged
  7. The engine was noisy.

This was not a concern to us as we knew what the purpose of the car is going to be. That purpose is GO FAST and LOOK GOOD WHILE GOING FAST.

Meet the APEX RS3 !!

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Posted by Dewald

Posted by Dewald

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